Baccarat tips: discover to beat the house and get more money

Top baccarat tips for players: rules, wins, strategies and tricks

Baccarat is a simple but exciting game. Due to fast rounds and quick wins it’s more than engaging and gamblers often find themselves losing the sense of time when they play. And that can be harmful for your bankroll. That’s why you should stay cool and bet wisely. This online guide will provide you with top baccarat tips and explain baccarat rules and winning odds, so that you have better chances to beat the house and leave the table with more money than you’ve had.

Baccarat tips: how to play baccarat?

The game is really easy to play. Here’s what you should know:

  1. It’s a card game. Eight decks with 52 cards are usually used.
  2. The two opposing sides are banker and player.
  3. You can bet on one of 3 outcomes: banker wins, players wins or tie.
  4. Each side first gets 2 cards, and then the 3rd one can be drawn if the rules allow it.
  5. The winner is determined by the value of the hand.
  6. Every card has its value. Pictures deliver zero points, Ace is equal to 1 and all the numbers are evaluated according to their denomination.
  7. Your wager has to be made before the cards are drawn. Use baccarat tips on betting to place the right wager when you play baccarat.

The final goal of the gambler in the round is to guess, which party will be a winner.

Baccarat tips: house edge, odds and prizes

All the bets in the game have a certain house edge:

  • banker wins – 1.06%;
  • player wins – 1.24%;
  • tie – 14.36%.

The first two bets will reward you with even money. The wager on banker has 5% commission. Tie pays 8 to 1. The odds to win are the highest for banker bet – 45.8%. The player gets prize in 44.6% of cases, while tie is the outcome in 9.6% of rounds.

What strategies to use?

There are several baccarat winning tips you can try:

  1. Always bet on banker. It’s one of the most widely used online casino baccarat tips. This method is based on the fact that the appropriate wager has the best odds and the lowest house edge. When the banker loses, just wait until the wins come again and start betting.
  2. Play on player’s side. The fact is that this wager has slightly lower odds than banker bet, but there is no commission in this case, so it’s also a good choice. When player starts to lose, just wait for a favorable moment and then keep gambling.
  3. Ride the wave. Just be stick to the party that is currently in winning trend.
  4. Follow patterns. There is always a certain pattern of B/P wins. Find out what it is and follow it until the trend ends. Then wait for a new one and gamble again.

There are also a few other baccarat tips and tricks you can try. One of the most important things is money management. You should spent your bankroll wisely not to lose everything just at the beginning. Set up your stop-loss limits. For example, you can set yourself a rule to leave the table when 50% of your money are spent.

Another tip is to avoid tie wager. It has no patterns and this outcome is rare. At last, you can try an efficient betting trick to increase your wager when you’re in the flow of uprising trend. When you feel the pattern is fading, just take a break.