Best video poker game and trainer apps

There is an enormous amount of video poker games on offer online. New game-type releases are the normal thing, so that gamblers may get their hands on new products that can bring more excitement and leisure time. For that reason, individuals need to know what is the best video poker to play out there? Moreover, players and especially these people who just starting their gambling experiences may require to get their hands on trainer apps that will teach them how to win and get the most out of the situation. The best video poker game is all about the personal preference of a person, so more has to be stated in this regard.

The best video poker game to play on a PC

What’s the best video poker game is a tricky question. The variety of this game type is huge. The main idea of playing the game is all about constructing the best possible hand and in many ways it is played in exactly the same way as 5 card draw. However, there are game types that feature Wilds and Jokers, which means that those cards may act as any other card, which makes hand construction easier and more room for maneuver. Jacks or better allow players to constructed a hand if a pair of jacks is collected, if this is not the case, cards can be dealt with again. The other variations also have their own rules. The best video poker games can be defined as follows:

  1. Jacks or better;
  2. Loose deuces wild;
  3. Bonus poker;
  4. Deuces Wild;
  5. Pick’em poker;
  6. Double bonus poker;
  7. Jokers wild;
  8. Triple bonus poker;
  9. Ace$ bonus poker;
  10. Double double bonus.

Formerly mentioned games are often perceived as the best video poker in Vegas and those are the games, which have the highest popularity among players. So, any individual may rely on the list to pick up their favorite game, which rules will suit the playing style of a particular individual. The payout table is always displayed right in front of the player, so it is easy to be aware of what wins to expect.

The best training video poker applications to be used on Android devices

Any chosen best video poker game can easily be learned how to play and perfecting players’ skills by using a training app. There are lots of applications that can be found online. Some of them come for free and the other will have to be paid for. Anyway, all beginners and even individuals with decent experience can get hold of such applications and learn more about each game variation, including their favorite game. Here are some of them:

  • Video poker trainer;
  • Video poker tutor;
  • WinPoker app;
  • Quick quads poker;
  • Pro training (produced by

Any favorite best video poker game can be learned how to play on Android portable devices as well as on any smart TV that uses the system. All that individuals have to do is to go to their favorite e-store and get the app.